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What is a print bleed?

Print bleed is the 'side edge' of a piece of artwork that goes beyond the trimmed edges of the printed piece. It’s important that artwork that touches the edge of the printed piece ‘bleeds’ outside of the trim line to ensure that, when the print order is finished (i.e. trimmed), there is no risk of a white ‘edge’ appearing on the finished print. Please ensure your PDF artwork includes a 3mm print bleed.

Why do I need to embed my fonts?

If we don’t have the font that you’ve used in your artwork, and you haven’t embedded them, our computers will automatically substitute it for another font.

What’s a ‘safe area’?

The safe area is the area close to the paper’s edge where your print order will be trimmed. Do not include text or other important information too close to the paper’s edge (we recommend space of at least 3mm).

Print Bleed Templates

Click on the link below to download the documents that explain bleed templates for each of our products.

Download (.zip)