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VAT & Payment Info

Do I have to pay VAT on my order?

The prices shown on our website exclude VAT.

Most orders will be charged plus VAT, and VAT will be added at the checkout at the standard rate.

Products exempt from VAT

A number of products are VAT zero-rated. If VAT zero-rated, you will not be charged VAT at the checkout as a rate of 0% is applied.

We will not charge VAT on the following print products:

  • Saddle-stitched brochures and booklets
  • Perfect or wire-bound documents, such as books or booklets
  • Leaflets and flyers (flat or folded) where:
  • the paper size is A4 or smaller
  • print quantity is 50 or more
  • the paper weight is 250gsm or less, and the paper is unlaminated

PLEASE NOTE: Where you place an order for any of the above products and VAT is not zero-rated, The Print Room will supply a separate VAT invoice, charging VAT at the standard rate, to complete your order.  

More information on zero-rated products and where VAT may be charged at the standard rate:

Books, brochures and booklets

These are defined as anything of substantial reading matter bound between covers of a thicker material.

‘Perfect-bound’ books and documents are those with pages glued to the spine.

‘Saddle-stitched’ booklets and documents are those with pages stapled or held together with fine thread at the spine.

Zero-rated books and booklets may be printed, typed, photocopied or handwritten, and include loose-leaf books, amendments to loose-leaf books and bound collections of letters.

Stationery such as diaries and address books, books of technical plans and collection albums are not zero-rated.

Brochures, pamphlets and leaflets

These are defined as multiple sheets of paper, fastened or folded together. Pages do not necessarily need to be bound, and content may contain advertising material or be informative.

Single-sheet folded brochures are zero-rated provided they contain a substantial amount of informative text.

To be zero-rated, leaflets must be:

  • A single sheet of paper (flat or folded)
  • No bigger than A4 finished (may be A2 flat, but folded to A4 or smaller)
  • Designed for short-term use – the material shouldn’t be intended to be kept by the recipient
  • Printed on low paper stock of 250gsm or less, with unlaminated paper and no other finishes which create a longer-lasting product
  • Supplied in minimum quantity of 50 to allow for mass distribution
  • Designed to be held by hand and not for general display
  • Supplied as a single print order, not as part of a larger bundle
  • Designed to inform only – if your leaflet contains a voucher or special offer which enables them to receive something with the leaflet, VAT is applied at standard rate (eg. “10% off with this leaflet”)

Leaflets containing forms to be completed, detached and returned will be zero-rated provided the form to be detached is no larger than 25% of the total size of the leaflet.

Detailed information on zero-rated print products

More information and guidance on zero-rated print products can be found here.

How can I pay?

We accept debit and credit card payments via our website.

Do you offer a credit account facility?

We do not offer credit facilities.